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You use cage nuts and screws for the installation in network racks and cabinets. They are fasteners for securing components in a network rack. But conventional M5 or M6 cage nuts have sharp, uncomfortable edges. Their rack mounting screws are short and can slip out of hand easily. Due to these reasons, many people use cage nut insertion and removal tools. We came up with a better solution: the /dev/mount.

The best cage nut for server racks

Our /dev/mount is a smart cage nuts and clip nuts alternative for server racks. It is easily installed within seconds and does not hurt the fingers.

Conventional nuts and rack mount screws are difficult to work with and slow down the process of hardware mounting.

The /dev/mount cage nuts by PATCHBOX accelerate this process despite adding more comfort, as no sharp edges need to be touched.

You do not require cage nuts tools to install them. Simply clip them to the rail and fasten them with the longer and more handy hex nuts.

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See the /dev/mount in action

The fastest cage nuts

Installation of the /dev/mount cage nuts is toolless, quick and easy. The rack nuts are clipped to the rail and the longer rack mounting screws fastened, speeding up the process of mounting 19″ equipment.

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No more hurting fingers

You do not touch sharp edges when installing our cage nuts. You are not going to hurt your fingers.

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Cage nut insertion/removal tool?

Smart technicians already think to have found a workaround, but our /dev/mount is even faster and more reliable. No cage nut insertion/removal tools are necessary to install our /dev/mount that replaces conventional M5 and M6 cage nuts and rack mounting screws.

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Up to 15kg

Our innovative 10-32 cage nuts are made of high-quality spring steel and aluminum. They can carry up to 15kg per rack unit. Already unfastened /dev/mounts provide enough stability to hold your hardware so you can fasten it easily.

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What are cage nuts and how to use them?

Cage nuts are a type of fastener consisting of a (usually squared) nut in a spring-steel cage that wraps around the nut. They are used in conjunction with rack mounting screws to secure components.

IT technicians commonly use 10-32 or M6 cage nuts for installation in server racks and cabinets.

But they are available in various sizes to fit different hole sizes and rail thicknesses, although the M5 and M6 cage nuts are the most common for mounting networking hardware.

What is a cage nut used for?

Cage Nuts and clips nuts are used for mounting hardware in a server rack. A cage nut houses a standard nut in a cage with a spring.

The cage has two wings that need to be pinched together to allow the cage nut to be inserted into a square hole.

Many technicians use cage nut insertion and removal tools because these wings are sharp. This slows down the process.

The better solution is to use the /dev/mount by PATCHBOX. It is more comfortable to use, its installation is toolless and easy and it accelerates the hardware mounting process.

Are cage nuts universal?

Cage nuts and screws are universally compatible with all square-holed racks. They can be used with a wide range of panel materials and thicknesses.

What is the standard cage nut size?

There are three common sizes: 10-32, 12-24 and M6. The size you will require is determined by the product you are mounting. Our /dev/mount has cage nut dimensions of M5, M6 and 10-32.

How do you get cage nuts?

You can buy conventional cage nuts in basically every hardware store. You can purchase our /dev/mount in our online shop if you are within the EU or you can buy from our partners.