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You use Server Rack Shelves to support equipment within a network rack or to slide shelves to mount heavy hardware more easily. We have a smarter solution. Our Setup.exe is an innovative Server sliding Shelf that is quickly and easily mounted. It can carry up to 50kg and is ideal for heavy duty.

Setup.exe - a mobile shelf for server racks

Unlike conventional network rack shelves, the Setup.exe by PATCHBOX is not a fixed server rack tray. It is a mobile working station for IT technicians to simplify their life.

The Setup.exe fits in any 19” rack with threaded, and square punched holes. It is installed within seconds and has a load capacity of up to 50 kg.

Our innovative rack shelf alternative can be facing inwards to help with mounting hardware, to guide it into the rack easily. This enables a safer working environment, accelerates the process of hardware mounting, and reduces the risk of injuries.

But the Setup.exe can also be faced outwards to let its rubberized side safely carry your laptop for you.

It is made out of aluminium, stainless steel and powder-coated steel, weighs only 880g, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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See the Setup.exe in action

Server Rack Shelves

The perfect Server Rack Accessories

Buy our innovative 1U 19-inch rack shelf to get a personal assistant that is never on sick leave and always got your back. It helps you do the work of two - by yourself.

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Server Rack Shelves

Easily installed

Within seconds the Setup.exe is mounted in your network rack and becomes a stable working station. Simply pull its pins, align them to the rail and let go to ensure the pins lock in the rail.

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Rack Sliding Shelf

Holds your heavy hardware components

Our new rack mount server shelf can hold hardware components like switches, patch panels, cable managers, and many more, so you can easily and safely mount them. Let it hold up to 50 kg.

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Best Rack Shelf

Lifelong warranty instead of DIY Server Rack Shelves

Stop using cheap server rack shelves or DIY versions. Instead, get our high-quality Setup.exe with a lifetime warranty. It won the Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award for the most original and innovative products in the Industry.

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What is a Rack Shelf?

Conventional 1U Server Rack Shelves are basically rack-mountable storage that enables easier organization and optimization of your server room. They differ in size and features and can be used in Data, IT, and server racks.

The vented network shelves allow consistent airflow to keep computer and AV equipment cool.

Conventional rack shelves consist of cold-rolled steel. This ensures long term durability.

You can also use them as support for mounting heavy hardware. Server Rack Sliding Shelves hold switches, patch panels and other components so they can be mounted more easily.

Compared to our Setup.exe, many shelves have lower load capacity and take longer to install them in 19” racks. The Setup.exe is the faster, easier and safer solution and won the Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award.