Cable Management with PATCHBOX

Can you keep a network rack tidy, despite plenty of moves, add & changes? Sure, with the PATCHBOX you can.

The PATCHBOX is the only long-term solution for structured cabling. With its retractable patch cables, it accelerates and simplifies your IT workflows and ensures better airflow and quick maintenance.

With the PATCHBOX, you save not only a lot of time but also a lot of rack space that would be wasted on conventional cable managers.

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Why you need a PATCHBOX

Downtimes and inefficient IT workflows are very costly. According to a study, one minute of downtime costs $5,600. The PATCHBOX reduces downtimes to a minimum, as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting are up to 8x faster.


The Benefits

Besides reducing downtimes & keeping your network rack tidy in the long term, it also creates more space as our 0RU Patchcatch replaces conventional cable managers that usually take up 1RU unit each. The cables are immediately ready and do not need to be stored or carried around, as our Cable Cassettes store them for you. All of this ensures better IT security, easy standardization and much more. On top of all of that: 5-year warranty - which also applies the cables.

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How it works

The PATCHBOX consists of a Frame, 24 Cassettes with retractable patch cables Cat.6a or fiber optic cables), the 0RU Patchcatch and the /dev/mount, our innovative cage nut alternative. The easily and toolless installed PATCHBOX makes your IT life easier and helps you react faster in emergencies - while keeping your network rack tidy in the long term.

Easily Installed

With Setup.exe & /dev/mount

No tools are required to install the PATCHBOX. Installation is even easier with the Setup.exe - a hardware installation tool that carries heavy hardware or your laptop for you. The PATCHBOX is then mounted with the easy, fast & smooth /dev/mount. The one is a blessing for your back, the other a blessing for your fingers.

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