Refund policy


To avoid loss of warranty rights, the contracting party must inspect goods with utmost care and report in writing any defects within 3 days of receipt of said goods.

If there is an actual instance of indeterminate obligation, PATCHBOX GmbH may disburden itself of any claims to rescind the contract or reduce the price commensurately, if it exchanges the defective goods for ones free of defect in a timely fashion.

Any further warranty claims are excluded. If PATCHBOX GmbH should proffer an exchange of goods and the contracting partner fails to consent to the proffered exchange in a timely fashion, PATCHBOX GmbH will then be freed of warranty obligation; in particular, the contracting partner is not entitled to bill PATCHBOX GmbH for the cost of acquiring replacement goods.

For goods, which PATCHBOX GmbH itself obtains from subcontractors, PATCHBOX GmbH can, of its choosing, either fulfil those warranty obligations incumbent upon it as per this section, or cede its warranty claims against the supplier to the contracting partner. In the latter case, PATCHBOX GmbH indemnifies itself against any and all warranty or damage claims.


Product returns are only accepted if a previous agreement has been made to do so with PATCHBOX GmbH.